Some personal choices of What's Cool on the web
  1. In Computer Science
  2. In Semiotics, Sociology, Science Studies, Music, etc.
  3. From this Website

1. In Computer Science

1.1 Hidden Algebra, Behavioral Logic, Coalgebra, etc.

1.2 Algebraic Specification, Institutions, Formal Methods, etc.
1.3 Term Rewriting
1.4 Theorem Proving1.5 Interface Design, HCI, etc.1.6 Miscellaneous
2. In Semiotics, Sociology, Science Studies, Human Computer Interface, Music, etc.

2.1 Semiotics, Metaphor, etc.

2.2 Art, Music, etc. 2.3 People2.4 Other Topics
3. From this Website
4. Some Software Used in the Kumo System
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