Hidden Algebra Tutorial
This tutorial assume familiarity with first order logic, ordinary many (and/or order) sorted algebra, and sometimes OBJ for examples. Without this background, you will not be able to understand hidden algebra. Information on these subjects can be consulted before undertaking the hidden algebra tutorial:
  1. First order logic tutorial.
  2. General algebra.
  3. OBJ.
Many details and notations are simplified or omitted in these webpages; they are intended to convey the flavor of the mathematics to software practitioners. The technical papers on hidden algebra should be consulted for the technical details: The buttons on the bottom of each page will help you navigate this tutorial. The [Next] button takes you to its next page, the [Prev] button takes you to its previous page, the [Home] button takes you to this page, and the [BHome] button takes you to the background information home page.
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12 October 1996