Special Issue of Journal of Consciousness Studies
Art, Brain and Consciousness
edited by
Joseph Goguen, University of California, San Diego
Erik Myin, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Art is a particularly poignant manifestation of human consciousness, and research on artistic creation and appreciation has received increasing attention from the cognitive sciences, e.g., [Gregory, et al. (1995); Zeki (1999)]. Although art, consciousness and the brain are clearly intimately related, it remains mysterious exactly how they are related. Such considerations motivate this call for papers for a special issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies, entitled Art, Brain and Consciousness.

This special issue builds on two prior JCS special issues, Art and the Brain I, and Art and the Brain II [Vol. 6, No. 6/7; Vol. 7, No. 8/9] (see below for their tables of contents). These well received collections (e.g., [Tyler (1999)]) reported a wealth of exciting findings on the role of the brain in art, as well as some far-reaching speculations. A wide spectrum of positions were developed and argued: some authors straightforwardly postulated a '(neuro-)biology of art', while others emphasized the importance of body, culture and environment; this created an intense dialogue, that opened many paths for futher exploration.

Without excluding other art forms, this issue will focus on music, calling for multiple perspectives, ranging from neuroscience and computer science, to linguistics, philosophy and other humanistic disciplines, including approaches based on embodiment or phenomenology. Possible (by no means exclusive!) topics include psycho-accoustic studies of time perception in music, computational models of synesthesia, brain imaging studies of melodic memory, and musical metaphors in Nietzsche's proposals for an aesthetic philosophy of science. Thus, we encourage contributions from composers, performers, cognitive linguists, and philosophers, as well as hard scientists of all stripes (for existing work representative of what we have in mind, see [Addis (1999); Jackendoff (1987); Iyer (1998); Zatorre & Peretz (2001)]) .

The editors have begun soliciting submissions from leading researchers and emerging talents, and expect the issue to appear in February 2004. Submissions should be received by end of May 2003, and are subject to the usual procedures of peer review, revision and editorial approval. JCS policy requires that papers be readable by educated non-specialists, so that highly technical terms should be avoided where possible, and explained where not. JCS policy also calls for originality, though some survey and opinion pieces may be accepted, if clearly labelled as such.

Joseph Goguen & Erik Myin

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering,
Jacobs School of Engineering,
University of California at San Diego

Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science
Vrije Universiteit Brussel


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Journal of Consciousness Studies
Volume 6, No. 6/7, June/July 1999
Special Feature on Art and the Brain
Edited by Joseph A. Goguen


Joseph A. Goguen, Editorial Introduction

V.S. Ramachandran and William Hirstein, The Science of Art: A neurological theory of aesthetic experience

Commentaries on Ramachandran and Hirstein

Colin Martindale, Peak Shift, Prototypicality and Aesthetic Experience

Richard L. Gregory, Object Hypotheses in Visual Perception: David Marr or Cruella de Ville?

Bruce Mangan, It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got that Swing

Bernard J. Baars, Art Must Move: Emotion and the biology of beauty

Julia Kindy, Of Time and Beauty

Partha Mitter, Response to Ramachandran and Hirstein

Jaron Lanier, What Information is Given by a Veil?

Ruth Wallen, Response to Ramachandran and Hirstein

V.S. Ramachandran, Author's Response

Further Papers

Semir Zeki, Art and the Brain

Erich Harth, The Emergence of Art and Language in the Human Brain

Nicholas Humphrey, Cave Art, Autism, and the Evolution of the Human Mind

Commentaries on Humphrey

Commentators: Paul Bahn, Paul Bloom, Uta Frith, Ezra Zubrow, Steven Mithen, Ian Tattersall, Chris Knight, Chris McManus and Daniel Dennett

Nicholas Humphrey, Author's Response

Further Papers

Jason W. Brown, On Aesthetic Perception

Ralph D. Ellis, The Dance Form of the Eyes: What cognitive science can learn from art

Journal of Consciousness Studies
Volume 7, No. 8-9, August/September 2000
Special Feature on Art and the Brain, Part II
Edited by Joseph A. Goguen and Erik Myin


Joseph A. Goguen, Editorial Introduction

Further Commentaries on The Science of Art by V.S. Ramachandran and William Hirstein

E.H. Gombrich, Concerning 'The Science of Art'

V.S. Ramachandran, Response to Gombrich

Amy Ione, Connecting the Cerebral Cortex with the Artist's Eyes, Mind and Culture

Jennifer Anne McMahon, Perceptual Principles as the Basis for Genuine Judgments of Beauty

Donnya Wheelwell, Against the Reduction of Art to Galvanic Skin Response

Papers from the Cognitive Science Conference on Perception, Consciousness, and Art, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 17-19 May, 1999

Erik Myin, Two Sciences of Perception and Visual Art: Editorial Introduction to the Brussels Papers

Amy Ione, An Enquiry Into Paul Cézanne: The Role of the Artist in Studies of Perception and Consciousness

Robert Solso, The Cognitive Neuroscience of Art: A Preliminary fMRI Observation

Rafael De Clercq, Aesthetic Ineffability

Jennifer Church, 'Seeing As' and the Double Bind of Consciousness

C.L. Hardin, Red and Yellow, Green and Blue, Warm and Cool: Explaining Colour Appearance

Further Papers and Reviews

Alva Noë, Experience and Experiment in Art

Richard P. Taylor, Adam P. Micolich and David Jonas, Using Science to Investigate Jackson Pollock's Drip Paintings

Glenn English, Reframing Consciousness (Review Article)

Joseph A. Goguen, Visual Space Perception (Book Review)