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CSE 291: Trends in Recommender Systems and Human Behavioral Modeling

Instructor: Julian McAuley (, CSE 4102

Autumn 2017, Monday/Wednesday 9:30-10:50, CSE 4140

CSE 291 is a graduate course devoted to current trends for recommender systems and models of human behavior. This course covers material similar to CSE 258, though is more focused on research papers and student-led presentations. It is suggested (but not required) that you have already taken CSE 258 or are taking it concurrently, though the first 1-2 lectures will be spent on revision.

The course meets twice a week on Monday/Wednesday mornings, starting October 2. Meetings are in CSE 4140. Attendance is expected, as grades are primarily based on participation.

Office hours: I'll hold office hours on Tuesdays 9:00-13:00 in CSE 4102.

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Monday October 2: Matrix Factorization
Wednesday October 4: Item-to-Item Recommendation
Suggested reading:
course outline slides

Ranking, Retrieval, & Sequential Recommendation

Monday October 9: Markov-Chains
Wednesday October 11: More Markov Chains, and Metric Learning
Suggested reading:
assignment slidesdiscussion qs

Temporal Dynamics

Monday, October 16:
Wednesday, October 18:
Suggested reading:
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Deep and Content-Aware

Monday, October 23:
Wednesday, October 25:
Suggested reading:
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Text and Question-Answering Systems

Monday, October 30:
Wednesday, November 1:
Suggested reading:
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Project Proposals

Monday Nov. 6/Wednesday Nov. 8
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Novel Tasks & Domains

Monday, November 13:
Wednesday, November 15:
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Socially & Geographically Aware Models

Monday, November 20:
Wednesday, November 22:
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Human-subject experiments, evaluation, and deployment

Monday, November 27:
Wednesday, November 29:
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Project Presentations

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