Geoffrey M. Voelker

research   Systems and Networking Research Group
  Security and Cryptography Research Group

Search + Seizure: The Effectiveness of Interventions on SEO Campaigns
Wang, Der, Karami, Saul, McCoy, Savage and Voelker. IMC 2014.

Characterizing Large-Scale Click Fraud in ZeroAccess
Pearce, Dave, Grier, Levchenko, Guha, McCoy, Paxson, Savage and Voelker. CCS 2014.

Enfold: Downclocking OFDM in WiFi
Lu, Ling, Voelker and Snoeren. MobiCom 2014.

Knock It Off: Profiling the Online Storefronts of Counterfeit Merchandise
Der, Saul, Savage and Voelker. KDD 2014.

Empirically Characterizing Domain Abuse and the Revenue Impact of Blacklisting
Chachra, McCoy, Savage and Voelker. WEIS 2014.

XXXtortion? Inferring Registration Intent in the .XXX TLD
Halvorson, Levchenko, Savage and Voelker. WWW 2014.

Circuit Switching Under the Radar with REACToR
Liu, Lu, Forencich, Kapoor, Tewari, Voelker, Papen, Snoeren and Porter. NSDI 2014.

DSpin: Detecting Automatically Spun Content on the Web
Zhang, Wang and Voelker. NDSS 2014.

Bullet Trains: A Study of NIC Burst Behavior at Microsecond Timescales
Kapoor, Snoeren, Voelker and Porter. CoNEXT 2013.

A Fistful of Bitcoins: Characterizing Payments Among Men with No Names
Meiklejohn, Pomarole, Jordan, Levchenko, McCoy, Voelker and Savage. IMC 2013.

A Variational Approximation for Topic Modeling of Hierarchical Corpora
Kim, Voelker and Saul. ICML 2013.

SloMo: Downclocking WiFi Communication
Lu, Voelker and Snoeren. NSDI 2013.

eDoctor: Automatically Diagnosing Abnormal Battery Drain Issues on Smartphones
Ma, Huang, Jin, Wang, Park, Shen, Zhou, Saul and Voelker. NSDI 2013.

Juice: A Longitudinal Study of an SEO Campaign
Wang, Savage and Voelker. NDSS 2013.


teaching CSE 120 (F14) (S09) (W07) (F04) (F02) (F01) (F00)
CSE 125 (S15) (S14) (S13) (S12) (S11) (S10) (S09) (S08) (S07) (S06) (S05) (S04) (S03) (S02) (S01)
CSE 221 (W15) (W14) (W13) (F11) (F10) (F09) (W09) (W06) (F05) (W05) (F03) (F01) (S00)
CSE 222 (W01)
CSE 291 (F06) (F05) (F04) (W00)
CSE 294 (Quarterly)

Office Hours: Mon 3-4pm and by appointment

phd students
Neha Chachra He Liu
Matt Der Feng Lu
Tristan Halvorson David Wang
Steven Hill Qing Zhang
Do-kyum Kim

Andreas Pitstillidis   (Fall 2013)
Gjergji Zyba   (Spring 2013)
Chris Kanich   (Spring 2012)
Marti Motoyama   (Fall 2011)
Michael Vrable   (Spring 2011)
Justin Ma   (Spring 2010)
Marvin McNett   (Fall 2008)
David Moore
Yu-Chung Cheng   (Summer 2007)
Kiran Tati   (Fall 2006)
Flavio Junqueira   (Spring 2006)
Renata Teixeira   (Summer 2005)
Leeann Bent   (Summer 2005)
Ranjita Bhagwan   (Summer 2004)
Anand Balachandran   (Fall 2003)
Song Cen   (Summer 2002)

ms students
Gautam Akiwate Mohit Kothari
Louis DeKoven  

Moitrayee Gupta   (Summer 2011)
Jennifer Chiang   (Summer 2007)
Chris Fleizach   (Spring 2007)
David Anderson   (Spring 2007)
Troy Trimble   (Spring 2006)
Vijay Chellappa   (Spring 2006)
Doug Brown   (Winter 2003)
Ping Guan   (Winter 2003)
John-Paul Fryckman   (Winter 2003)
Kelsey Anderson   (Fall 2002)
Andreas Anagnostatos   (Fall 2001)
Dimitra Koletsou   (Spring 2001)

activities   Tau Beta Pi   (CA Psi Chapter)
  UCSD Programming Contest
  UCSD Video Game Development Club
software Banal format checker
GNU Emacs port for Windows
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Assistant: Jennifer Folkestad