Gautam Akiwate             

Me! I am a Graduate Student at the University of California, San Diego in the Computer Science and Engineering Department. I work on a range of things from mobile computing, systems, kernels to network measurements! I work with the Systems and Networking group at UCSD, and advised by Geoff Voelker and Stefan Savage.


PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at
University of California, San Diego
MS in Computer Science and Engineering at
University of California, San Diego
BTech in Information Technology at
College of Engineering, Pune


Teaching Experience

Awarded the Graduate Award for Teaching in 2015.

Teaching Assistant

CSE 221 - Operating Systems - Winter 2015

CSE 123 - Computer Networks - Fall 2014

CSE 100 - Advanced Data Structures - Spring 2014

CSE 141 - Introduction to Computer Architecture - Winter 2014

Professional Experience

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Member of Technical Staff
Core Engineering
August 2015
Mozilla Logo
Engineering Intern
Automation and Tools Team
June 2014 to September 2014
Qualcomm Logo
Linux Performance Team
      June 2012 to August 2013


A New Look at DMCA Section 512 Process

This work focussed on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the potential "chilling effects" that might arise from the DMCA Section 512 process which allows copyright holders to take down content which they believe infringes their copyright. The goal driven was to enable a data-driven analysis of this extra-judicial takedown provision thereby enable recommendations that are primarily based in solid data. As a first step towards this goal, we establish a framework to begin understanding the takedown process and its effect on the Internet. [Report]

Investigating Internet Congestion

The project was an attempt to investigate potential artificial congestion in the Internet with the help of M-Lab data that collects network performance data. The primary goal was to find potential congestion between different service providers and then determining the location of the congestion. The secondary goal was then to determine if any of the congestions observed were artifical in nature, that is, did a service provider have a motive to let certain pathways remain congested. [Report]

NGS Performance Investigation

Investigation into the performance of the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) software tool chain used by Bioinformatics group at UCSD for detecting variants in genomes which currently takes 12 - 14 days to complete. The goal was to analyze the software tool chain and find potential performance improvements. Built a model that was approximately 98% accurate for predicting the behavior of the tool chain, which helped identify potential areas to focus on for performance improvements. [Report]

Benchmarking FirefoxOS

Benchmarking in constrained development environment, especially for low-level system code. Benchmarked a Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone which has an ARM based Qualcomm chipset. Wrote benchmarks, with which we got the base hardware characteristics, and then used to predict the performance of certain operations and present the measurements obtained for the actual performance.


Worked on a CUBESAT standard satellite "Swayam", that was launched by ISRO in June 2016. I worked on the design and implementation of the Onboard Computer and was part of the Systems Engineering group as well. [Link]

Machine Translation for Standardization of Localization

Monitoring Framework for BTRFS


Google Summer of Code, 2012