Arts, Music and Consciousness

This page contains links to various projects concerned with the arts and consciousness, especially new media, music and multimedia, including research papers, essays, editorial work, and creative projects, such as poetry and librettos. Here is a link to a short arts oriented CV.

Art and the Brain

Art and the Brain is a series of special issues of the Journal of Consciousness Studies, which are also published as books, by Imprint Academic.

New Musicology

In collaboration with David Borgo and Ryoko Goguen, we are developing a novel theoretical approach that is adequate to new musical styles, such as free jazz improvisation, and multimedia installations. The following are some works relevant to this effort:

Generative Media, Multimedia and Computational Narratology

In collaboration with Fox Harrell, Shlomo Dubnov, and Lev Manovich, we are developing new technology and theory for generative multimedia events/objects, with some emphasis on those having narrative structure; see also the Computatinal Narratology page. Potential applications include adaptive multimedia information kiosks, "polypoems" that are different each time they are read (as well as other polymorphic objects), performance pieces, generative greeting cards, etc. The following works are relevant to this effort:

Creative Projects
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