Lecture/Demonstration on Qualia in Music
     with talking by Joseph Goguen & demonstration by Ryoko Goguen
This is an abstract for an event at the Univeristy of Vienna, Depts of Computer Science and Art, on 20 March 2003:
Philosophers have generally taken a simplistic view of qualia, as feeling tones associated with basic perceptions, such as a patch of red. But much more complex qualia appear in music, involving simultaneous perceptions, sequences of perceptions, emergent properties of blended qualia, sensory and conceptual discrimination limitations, both short and long term memory, and much more. We will discuss and demonstrate such phenomena, and also consider improvisation, mentioning some challenges that it poses to the philosophy of music. We will argue that certain problematic aspects of both qualia and improvisation arise from failure to take full account of the situatedness of human experience, and in particular, of its social contextualization.

See also the abstract for a related event, Metaphor, Blending and Information in Music.

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