CSE 291 - Expander graphs and High-Dimensional Expanders, Spring 2021

Expander graphs have been extensively studied in mathematics over the past several decades, and in that time found numerous applications to computer science, such as in the design of fast error correcting codes and resilient networks. High-dimensional expanders is an emergent area that ties together topology, algebra, and combinatorics, and underlies a surprising range of applications in computer science, ranging from fast MCMC sampling to efficient quantum codes. The first half of this course will cover classical topics in expander graphs, the second half recent topics in high-dimensional expanders.



Due to COVID, all meetings (lectures, office hours) will be remote on zoom.


Evaluation will be based on homeworks and a final project. Both can be solved individually or in pairs. Final project instructions:

Tentative schedule:


Lecture notes are here.

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