CSE 3 Lab Projects

(EBU3B B270 - Basement of CSE Building)

In addition to the TA-Led organized labs, you are to work through the
Computer Skills Workbook Labs
and the
Fluency and Excel Labs
on your own as we cover the various topics/chapters in class. You will be responsible for material in these self-paced labs (this material will be tested on quizzes and exams). See the Class Slides and Self-Paced Labs area for details.

Introduction to Programming:
Lab 1 Creating a Homepage (HTML)
Homework 1 Using logic to create images - Turtle Graphics (Scratch)

Introduction to Data Presentation Methods and Intermediate Programming I:
Lab 2 Report on RGB & CMYK Color Models / Personal Career Goals (Microsoft Word)
Homework 2 Program an Interactive, Visual Computer Game (Scratch)

Intermediate Programming II:
Lab 3 Using code to format text, insert images, create links, and construct 2-d data structures (HTML)
Homework 3 Calendar as 2-d data table (HTML)

Introduction to Data Analysis and Computational Thinking and Intermediate Data Presentation:
Lab 4 Summary Statistics and Graphs of Course Demographics (Excel and PowerPoint)
interests.csv demographics.csv
Homework 4 Using implicit iteration to construct a personal Budget (Excel)

Advanced Data Analysis and Presentation - Part 1:
Lab 5 - Part 1 Water Temperature Analysis and Presentation (Excel)
Homework 5 - Part 1 Population Analysis and Presentation (Excel)

Advanced Data Analysis and Presentation - Part 2:
Lab 5 - Part 2 (Lab 6 ) Water Temperature Analysis and Presentation (Excel)
Homework 6 Tic-Tac-Toe (Advanced Excel)

Advanced Programming, Pair Programming, and Computational Thinking:
Lab 7 Pair Programming a Pong Game (Scratch)
Homework 7 Tic-Tac-Toe (Advanced Scratch)

Digital Media Analysis and Manipulation to Support Scientific Research:
Lab 8 Manipulating Digial Images and Creating Animations (Photoshop)
GlacierBefore.jpg GlacierAfter.jpg
Homework 8 Encoding/Decoding Secret Messages in Digital Images (Photoshop) and Web Page Debugging (HTML)
DEBUG.html lmeli.jpg pandi.jpg psiby.jpg

Advanced Data Presentation and Critical Thinking:
Lab 9 Research Poster and Presentation Techniques (PowerPoint)
Killer Poster Handout
Demo Sample Text
Demo Graphics
Killer Poster Example