He "Lonnie" Liu

Ph.D student started in 2009, candidate in 2013, and graduated in 2015.

Proudly advised by Geoffrey M. Voelker and Stefan Savage.

System and Network Group
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, San Diego

I had wide research interests. I graduated with the REACToR hybrid datacenter switch, and then joined Google.

I believe that computer programs can and should be human comprehensible. For this belief, I work on smlvm when I have time.


Toy Box

  • smlvm Homemade architecture and simulator, language and compiler, and OS kernel that aims for readability and comprehensibility.
  • dig8 DNS crawling library and utility in go language.
  • ftree-vis An online Fat Tree visualizer. Try it out.
  • webhere Spawns a web server to access the current working directory.
  • ipecho A server that echos back IP addresses in TCP or HTTP.
  • godep Prints go language package dependencies.
  • gogfm Converts Github Flavored Markdown to HTML; using GitHub's API.
  • gogfm Converts Github Flavored Markdown to HTML; using shurcool's library.
  • gobytes Generates byte array presentation in Go language from a binary file.


  • Summer 2010 Intern, Microsoft Research Redmond.
    Worked on Trusted Sensor
  • 2008 - 2009 Intern, Microsoft Research Asia.
    Worked on Sora



  • 2009 Jacobs School Alumni Fellowship.
    UC, San Diego


My hometown is Changchun.
It snowed a lot when I was young.