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I am a member of the Systems and Networking Research Group, the Security and Cryptography Research Group, and the Center for Networked Systems.

Recent papers


CSE 8B Introduction to Computer Science: Java (II)

CSE 120 Principles of Computer Operating Systems

CSE 121 Operating Systems: Architecture and Implementation

CSE 123 Computer Networks



Mikhail Afanasyev, PhD
Jeannie Albrecht, PhD (joint w/Amin Vahdat)
Alvin AuYoung, PhD
Karyn Benson, PhD (joint w/k claffy)
Joe DeBlasio, PhD
Alex Gamero Garrido, PhD (joint w/Alberto Dainotti)
Stewart Grant, PhD
Danny Huang, PhD (joint w/Kirill Levchenko)
Ramana Kompella, PhD (joint w/George Varghese)
Feng Lu, PhD (joint w/Geoff Voelker & Tara Javidi)
John McCullough, PhD
Barath Raghavan, PhD
Arjun Roy, PhD (joint w/Ken Yocum)
Daniel Turner, PhD (joint w/Stefan Savage)
Bhanu Vattikonda, PhD
Patrick Verkaik, PhD
Kevin Webb, PhD (joint w/Ken Yocum)


Jay Chen
Shaan Mahbubani
Chris Tuttle
Erik VandeKieft
Sen Zhang

Weiyang "Frank" Wang