Section problems

date of section
problems and solutions
Fri, Jan 11
Problem 2, all parts, from here.
Fri, Jan 18
This problem.  Typo: "Flo" should read "Sally".
Fri, Jan 25
Example 3.3.11 from Epp book. Problem 4 from here.  Problems 1.a) and 4.a) from here.
Fri, Feb 1
All of these problems.
Fri, Feb 8
Example 4.4.2, and Proposition 4.3.1 from Epp book.  Problem 4 from here.  Problem 1 from here and here.
Fri, Feb 15
The midterm will be gone over, and handed back.  Attendance is encouraged, in part because induction will also be on the next quiz.  Also, problem 1. a) from here.
Fri, Feb 22
From Epp book: Example 5.3.3, and problems 36 and 37 from Section 5.2.  From Summer '07 quiz, problem 1.  And problem 1 from here.
Fri, Mar 29
Problems 1 and 2 from here.
Fri, Mar 7
Problem 2 from here.  Problems 1.a) and 2 from here.
Fri, Mar 14
Review for final.  Going over practice exams.  See homework page.