Sep 30 Intro/Threat Modeling
Optional reading: James Mickens' This World of Ours and USENIX Security 2018 Keynote
Assignment 1: Intro
Oct 2 Buffer overflow attacks
Reading: Aleph One's Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit
Optional reading: 0x300-0x320 from Hacking. 0x200-0x270 if you don't have a strong C background.
Oct 7 Buffer overflow defenses (Stack canaries/W^X/ASLR)
Reading: Eternal War in Memory by Szekeres et al., ASLR, and NOEXEC
Assignment 2: Buffer Overflows
Oct 9 More memory safety attacks and defenses
Oct 14 OS Security/Isolation
Assignment 3: Side Channels
Oct 16 Malware
Oct 21 Web security model
Oct 23 Web attacks and defenses
Assignment 4: Web
Oct 28 Modern client-side web defenses
Oct 30 Midterm
Nov 4 Network intro
Nov 6 Network attacks
Assignment 5: Networks
Nov 11 Veterans day (no class)
Nov 13 Network defenses
Nov 18 Symmetric-key crypto
Nov 20 Public-key crypto
Nov 25 TLS and PKI
Nov 27 Side channels
Assignment 6: Crypto
Dec 2 Privacy/Anonymity
Dec 4 Ethics/Law/Policy