CSE 105 - Fall 2015: Automata and Computability Theory

Instructor: Daniele Micciancio

Contact information: Course Staff and Office Hours.

Syllabus and Policies: Read it! Pay special attention to academic honesty and collaboration policies.

Textbook: M. Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation (any edition)

Discussion board: Piazza. This will also be used to distribute additional course material and make course announcements.

Other Tools: links to other resources we will use in this course.

There are two sections of CSE105 offered this quarter (CSE105-a and CSE105-b). The two sections are equivalent, and share the same webpage and other course resources.


Course Calendar: Reading assignments will be posted on the calendar page. You are responsible for all the reading material posted up to the current lecture, as well as the lecture notes posted below on this page.

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Discussions: (You are only required to attend one.)


Lecture Notes

These are supplementary lecture notes, to be read in addition to the reading assignments posted on the course calendar. You are responsible for everything above the line. Notes and pointers below the line are posted in case you want to read ahead.