I'm interested in tools and techniques that enable us to write reliable and secure software, especially complex ones like concurrent and distributed systems.


  • Klaus v. Gleissenthall, Rami Gökhan Kici, Deian Stefan, Ranjit Jhala: IODINE : Verifying Constant-Time Execution of Hardware Usenix Security 2019. [pdf] [talk] [source]
  • Klaus v. Gleissenthall, Rami Gökhan Kici, Alexander Bakst, Deian Stefan, Ranjit Jhala: Pretend Synchrony: Synchronous Verification of Asynchronous Distributed Programs. POPL 2019. [pdf] [source] [artifact]
  • Alexander Bakst, Klaus von Gleissenthall, Rami Gökhan Kici, Ranjit Jhala. Verifying distributed programs via canonical sequentialization. OOPSLA'17. [pdf] [source]
  • Dimitar Bounov, Rami Gokhan Kici, Sorin Lerner. Protecting C++ Dynamic Dispatch Through VTable Interleaving. NDSS'16. [pdf] [source]

Teaching Assistantships