UCSD Programming Systems

The Programming Systems Group in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego is interested in developing new languages, compilers, program analysis techniques and development environments for making software systems easier to build, maintain and understand.

Ranjit Jhala


Sorin Lerner


Deian Stefan

Assistant Professor

Nadia Polikarpova

Assistant Professor

Klaus von Gleissenthall (started 2016)

Tristan Knoth (started 2017)

John Renner (started 2017)

Shravan Narayan (started 2016)

Anish Tondwalkar (started 2016)

Alex Sanchez-Stern (started 2016)

Mario Alvarez (started 2014)

Rami Gokhan Kici (started 2014)

Ben Cosman (started 2014)

John Sarracino (started 2014)

Marc Andrysco (started 2013)

Valentin Robert (started 2012)

Dimitar Bounov (started 2011)

Alexander Bakst (Ph. D. 2017)     Qualcomm

Alan Leung (Ph. D. 2017)     Microsoft

Panagiotis Vekris (Ph. D. 2017)     Facebook

Daniel Ricketts (Ph. D. 2017)     Oracle

Erik Seidel (Ph. D. 2017)     Bloomberg

Niki Vazou (Ph. D. 2016)     Postdoc at the University of Maryland

Ming Kawaguchi (Ph. D. 2016)     Postdoc at Harvard

Stephen Foster (Ph. D. 2015)     CEO of ThoughtSTEM

Samantha Wood (M.S. 2015)

Zachary Tatlock (Ph. D. 2014)     Assistant Professor at University of Washington

Dongseok Jang (Ph. D. 2014)     Google

Ravi Chugh (Ph. D. 2012)     Assistant Professor at University of Chicago

Patrick Rondon (Ph. D. 2012)     Google

Ross Tate (Ph. D. 2012)     Assistant Professor at Cornell

Mike Stepp (Ph. D. 2011)     Google

Jeffrey A. Meister (M.S. 2011)     MyLife

Sudipta Kundu (Ph. D. 2009)     Synopsis

Macneil Shonle (Ph. D. 2009)     Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, then Google

Jan Wen Voung (Ph. D. 2009)     Google

Chip Killian (Ph. D. 2009)     Assitant Professor at Purdue, then Google