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CSE 131:   Compilers

CSE 131: Compilers

Joe Gibbs Politz <jpolitz@eng.ucsd.edu>

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Welcome to CSE 131! Most of the course’s content can be found via the sidebar. This page holds basic details and announcements.

Lecture: MWF 8-9AM, Center 101

Discussion Section: M 5-6PM, Center 119; Tu 7-8PM, Center 216

Textbook: There is no assigned textbook for the course. I will link to a number of free online resources throughout the quarter, and supplement with lecture notes. I do have a list of useful materials if you are interested in reading beyond what is assigned.

Notes: Lecture code and notes are posted online.

Podcast: Lecture is recorded by UCSD podcasting.


Keep an eye on this area for updates when assignments are posted, grades are released, changes are made to the schedule, etc.