Slides and Videos

Below are the slides and videos for the class. They are also on Canvas, where you can find the date by which to have watched them. Assessments will be coordinated with these dates. The videos are on Google Drive, which is where the link takes you. From there you should be able to download the video via an option in the upper right corner of the screen. You are allowed to use slides and videos during quizzes. To make sure that, at this time, you are not hampered by network speeds or failures, we recommend that you download slides and videos and store them locally ahead of time.

Module/Chapter Lecture Slides Lecture Videos
Introduction slides Part 1 (10 minutes)
Part 2 (43 minutes)
Block ciphers and key-recovery security slides Block ciphers and DES (46 minutes)
TKR, KR and EKS (38 minutes)
EKS on DES and AES (49 minutes)
Pseudorandom functions slides Definitions, Examples, the Birthday Problem (50 minutes)
Block ciphers as PRFs (20 minutes)
Symmetric encryption slides Syntax, Modes of Operation ECB, CBC$, CTR$ (42 minutes)
IND-CPA, birthday attack on CTR$ (42 minutes)
Security of CTR$ and CBC$ (15 minutes)
Hash functions slides Collision resistance and SHA256 (46 minutes)
Compression functions and MD (42 minutes)
Message authentication codes and PRF domain extension slides Message authentication codes and PRF domain extension (84 minutes)
Authenticated encryption slides Authenticated encryption (55 minutes)
Computational number theory slides Groups, and algorithms on numbers (79 minutes)
Generators, cyclic groups and DLog (37 minutes)
Finding groups and generators, DH revisited (29 minutes)
Asymmetric encryption slides PKE Syntax, IND-CPA, DHIES scheme (31 minutes)
RSA math, RSA generators (42 minutes)
One-wayness of RSA, factoring problem (16 minutes)
RSA-based PKE (20 minutes)
Digital Signatures slides Definitions and RSA-based schemes (40 minutes)
Discrete-log based schemes (22 minutes)
Key distribution slides PKI (33 minutes)
Session-key exchange (27 minutes)
Applications and Protocols slides Internet casino, commitment schemes (42 minutes)
Secure summation (16 minutes)
Zero Knowledge slides Ali Baba example (18 minutes)
Quadratic residuosity protocol (28 minutes)
Definitions, simulators (21 minutes)

The following content is not part of the syllabus for this version of the course, but is made available in case you are interested: