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Bridge - the best game ever invented (and the game of my life)

This page is dedicated to Evan Bailey (5/12/1929 - 3/30/2008), whose charisma and enlightenments will inspire me forever.

"You may find us a little larger than life, but that is only because life at times is apt to be too drab and dreary."
-- The Hideous Hog, in Victor Mollo's Bridge in the Menagerie

Me with bridge legend Marshall Miles, Palm Springs CA, March 2006 Me congratulated by Alice Leicht of La Jolla Bridge Unit, April 2007 Me with teammates Stephen Tu, Warren Cederborg and Greg Michaels after losing the final of Mini-Spingold I in Las Vegas, July 2008

When I was taught to play bridge more than a decade and a half ago, I knew instantly it was the game for me. However I wasn't introduced to duplicate bridge until 2002. From that moment, the fish has met the water and the stage was set for me. Words can hardly express my love and passion for this game. My dream is to become the world's greatest player. It is admittedly an ambitious dream, but I have never stopped working towards it. I am fortunate to be a student of Joel Hoersch who would never let me stop improving my game. I am also blessed to have at various occasions played with and learned from some top experts in the nation such as Evan Bailey, Jade Barrett, Steve Cooper, Jason Feldman, Marshall Miles and Ivar Stakgold. Below are some highlights of my bridge career so far: My other successes (or failures in some cases, depending on how optimistic you are) so far include: Resources