MPs, vul vs. non-vul, LHO deals and opens 1D, partner preempts with 3C, RHO passes and you hold:
What's your call?

Partner preempts at unfavorable vulnerability and you have a decent hand including an excellent suit and fitting honors in partner's suit. Do you try to preempt further? Do you try to play in your major suit since it's matchpoints? Or do you do nothing?

The passers believe 3H should be forcing and the hand is just not strong enough for that.

"Pass," says Roeder, the actual 3C preemptor. "3H is forcing."

"Pass," echoes McCay. "3H doesn't seem to do anything useful."

"3H may be forcing," says Michaels. "I'm hoping for 3C passed out for +110."

The Gailfi also pass, stating that 3H is forcing in their methods.

It's interesting to note that none of the passers mentions the possibility of a 4C bid, which is an equally popular choice by the panelists. Where is the spade suit? They ask.

"4C," says Coufal. "Opener will find it harder to double without hearts. He might find it easier to bid 3S if I bid 3H."

"4C," echoes Wrona. "Try to make it harder for them to find their spade fit."

Clark agrees with the passers that 3H should be forcing, and he bids 4C for its preemptive value.

Johnson sums up the case for 4C -- "Support with support!"

Almost half of the panelists, however, do choose to bid their good suit. They think game is still in the picture.

"3H," says Crawford. "Intending to pass or convert to 4C." He does concede that 4C could work out as it preempts opener further.

Doughman agrees with 3H, adding that it is a one-round force.

Wright and Hoersch both feel it is clear to bid 3H.

Scaramuzzi bids 3H but concedes that it might direct partner to the wrong lead if opener tries 3NT without a club stopper.

Chechelashvili does hope to get a heart lead against 4D or 5D, as he also bids 3H.

"Pass is probably the right call," concludes Strauch, having thought hard about this hand throughout his Grand Canyon backpacking trip (well, not quite. He didn't see the hand until he came back). "Although I would probably bid 3H at the table." The downside of 3H John gives is very much the same as Coufal's (see above). Finally John points out that the late Evan Bailey wouldn't have this problem in the first place. "He plays strong jump overcalls. He would probably bid 2C, then I would bid 2H and we would see where it went from there."

Panelist Call
David Chechelashvili 3H
Steve Clark 4C
John Coufal 4C
Mike Crawford 3H
Roger Doughman 3H
Alan and Debbie Gailfus Pass
Joel Hoersch 3H
Steve Johnson 4C
Nate McCay Pass
Greg Michaels Pass
Rick Roeder Pass
Roberto Scaramuzzi 3H
John Strauch 3H
Jon Wright 3H
Bette Wrona 4C