Matchpoints, non-vul against vul, partner deals and opens 1S, RHO bids 3H, and you hold:
KQx K J98x Q8xxx
You bid 3S and LHO raises to 4H, passed around to you.
Two-part question:
Part 1: Do you agree with the 3S bid?
Part 2: What's your bid now?

Panelist Agree with 3S? What now?
Chechelashvili No 4S
Coufal Yes Pass
Crawford Maybe Pass
Feldman Yes Double
Gailfus, A. Yes Double
Gailfus, D. Yes 4S
Hoersch Yes Double
Johnson Yes Double
Michaels No 4S
Roeder Yes Double
Scaramuzzi Yes Double
Strauch, J. Yes Pass or Double
Wright No 4S

Like half of the panelists, I bid 3S first, then doubled 4H, and was -790. The double didn't cost anything since -620 would be the same zero. Partner's hand:
AJ8xx xxxx Qxx A
RHO's hand:
T AQT98xx Txx Jx
LHO's hand:
9xxx J AKx KT9xx

As you can see, beating 4H requires good defence (getting our diamond trick) PLUS declarer mis-guessing the hearts. Bidding 4S over 4H would almost surely get doubled for -300 which is not much better than a zero. However -100 would be above average. Therefore it seems the best shot on this hand is to bid 4S the first time and hope not to get doubled. Good choice by David, Greg and Jon! Mike and John S. also did acknowledge the merit of bidding 4S right away.