Debugger: A Short Matchmoving Test Reel

A comic-strip-feeling story of a programmer, a sandwich and a fly.

My friend, Han-Lin Cheng, and I filmed this in summer, 2010. We develop this short so as to test the feasibility of using Blender and Voodoo for the matchmoving pipeline. The work is submitted as a course project (Digital VFX) at National Taiwan University (NTU). Additionally, we documented the pipeline and provided it to Digital Movie Creators' Club at NTU as a matchmoving tutorial.


My First Encounter With 3D Computer Graphics Software

I simply fell in love with generating 3D computer graphics after I created my first render in my junior high years, around 2004. The concept of simulating visually plausible images of virtual worlds on a computer blew my mind. Since then, I began to study 3D modeling and rendering on my own. Images in this portfolio are what was left of my works between 2004 and 2007. The software I used then is a commercial 3D renderer from Japan called "Shade."


A Parody Of Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" Music Video

Going For The Summit: Graduation Musical For The Chemistry Department, 2011

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