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Lecture Schedule

  • This schedule is tentative and might change during the quarter. The dates of the midterm and final exams, however, will not change.

  • Lecture slides will be uploaded here before (sometimes, after) each class. The slides are designed to act as an aid for my in-class lectures, not a replacement. The slides will not be sufficient on their own. Some details and other additional material might be given only in class. Furthermore, the lectures themselves might often deviate significantly from the textbooks in the order, presentation, and actual content. Thus, attending all lectures is mandatory.

Week Topic Textbook Chapters, Additional References Slides
1 Introduction and Administrivia - PDF PPTX
1-3 Basics of Computer Organization and Operating Systems Ch. 1, 2.1-2.3, 2.12, 4.1, and 5.1-5.5 of CompOrg Book;
Ch. 2, 4.1-4.2, 6, 7, 13, 14.1, 18.1, 21, 22,
26, 36, 37, 39, and 40.1-40.2 of Comet Book
3 Basics of Cloud Computing - PDF PPTX
4-6 Parallel and Scalable Data Processing Ch. 9.4, 12.2, 14.1.1, 14.6, 22.1-22.3,
22.4.1, 22.8 of Cow Book;
Ch. 5, 6.1, 6.3, 6.4 of MLSys Book
4 Guest Lecture by Alkis Polyzotis (Google Brain) on Thursday, 01/30 - -
4 Review for Midterm Exam on Friday, 01/31 - -
5 Midterm Exam on Thursday, 02/06 - -
7-8 ML Data Preparation and Model Selection Ch. 8.1-8.4 of MLSys Book PDF PPTX
8-9 Dataflow Systems Ch. 2.2 of MLSys Book PDF PPTX Last Part Video
9 Guest Lecture by Manasi Vartak (Verta.AI) on Thursday, 03/05 - -
10 Deep Learning Systems - PDF PPTX Video
10 Optional: ML Deployment - PDF PPTX
10 Optional: Open Research Questions - PDF PPTX
10 Review for Final Exam on Thursday, 03/12 - -
11 Final Exam on Tuesday, 03/17 - -

Programming Assignment (PA) Schedule

  • You can work on the programming assingments in teams of 2 or individually (teams of 1). You should email your team decisions to the TAs before 11:59pm PT Tuesday 01/14. All remaining students will be randomly paired up by the TAs.

  • It is okay to discuss about the assignment with your peers at a conceptual level. It is also okay to post conceptual or high-level questions, logistical questions, and useful references on Piazza. But do not share any code across teams and do not post any code on Piazza. A team's code submission must be entirely their own. We will use advanced program analysis tools to compare your code submissions. If plagiarism is detected in your code, University authorities will be notified for appropriate disciplinary action to be taken. You will also get zero for that assignment.

  • There are no late days for the programming assignments. So, plan your work accordingly!

  • PA1: Data Exploration with Dask

  • PA2: Feature Engineering and Model Selection with Spark

    • Release Date: Thursday, 02/13

    • Statement and Grading Criteria (Codebase access explained in statement)

    • Discussion by Yuhao Zhang and Supun Nakandala: Friday, 02/14; Slides

    • Demo Video: MOV video

    • Due Date: Wednesday, 03/11, 11:59pm PT

    • Discussion by TAs on solution: Slides and MP4 video