124 Assignments

There will be six programming projects and five homeworks this term. Projects will be due based on the dates on the course syllabus. Unless otherwise mentioned, assignments are due at 5pm on the date specified. Assignments are to be turned in via your assigned CSE 124 GitHub account.

Assignment Links Topic
Homework 1 Link to the form Submit information about yourself via a Google Form
Homework 2 Link to HW2 Implement a simple time/date server to practice using the sockets API.
Homework 3 Link to HW3 Modify your implementation from HW2 to support concurrency via multithreading
Project 1 Link to spec Build an HTTP server testing framework
Homework 4 Link to the webform KQS mid-course survey
Project 2 Link to spec Build an HTTP server
Project 3 Link to spec Measuring and communicating server performance
Project 4 Link to spec Quantifying the effect of tail latency on server performance
Projects 5 and 6 Link to spec Client-server DropBox with Apache Thrift (proj 5); Peer-to-peer DropBox with Apache Thrift (proj 6)
Homework 5 Freebee 3pts

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