CSE 222A: Computer Communication Networks Syllabus


The required textbook for this course is:

In addition, we suggest several texts as background:


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights:

The quiz will be open book at the end of the quarter.

The major portion of this course will consist of a term research project, carried out in teams of two or three, culminated by a talk and paper. I will provide a number of ideas that can serve as a starting point for many projects. Students can also work with me to define a separate project in an area related to the course. The project will make up the bulk of the course. Students will spend the first part of the course defining the project and researching related work. The actual work on the project will be completed in the last six weeks of the course.


Also available as an ical file that you can subscribe to.

Date Topics Notes Readings
Part 1: Review: Packet Switched Networks
Tue 01/07 Class overview & introduction
Thu 01/09 Layering & End-to-End
P&D Chapters 1-2, SRC84
Tue 01/14 Packet forwarding
P&D Chapter 3, CK74
Thu 01/16 Routing
P&D Chapter 4, Pax97
Part 2: Alternative Infrastructures
Tue 01/21 Active and Overlay Networks
Project ideas due. We98
Thu 01/23 Software Defined Networking
Project groups due. KC+10
Part 3: Data Center Networks
Tue 01/28 Scale-out Topologies
Thu 01/30 L2 in the Data Center
Tue 02/04 Hybrid networks
Project proposals due. FP+10
Thu 02/06 Resource provisioning
Part 4: Wide-area Networks
Tue 02/11 Alternative routing mechanisms
Thu 02/13 Alternative naming mechanisms
Tue 02/18 Traffic Engineering
Part 5: Congestion Control
Thu 02/20 Congestion Control
Project checkpoint KHR02
Tue 02/25 Datacenter TCP
Thu 02/27 Multi-path TCP
Part 6: Wireless
Tue 03/04 WiFi
Thu 03/06 Mesh networking
Project checkpoint BM05
Tue 03/11 Energy efficiency
Thu 03/13 Quiz
Thu 03/20 Project presentations

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