CSE 222A, Winter 2014: Computer Communication Networks

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1/1: First day of class
The first day of class will be Tuesday January 7th.

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CSE 222a is a graduate course on computer networks. The continued exponential growth of the Internet has made the network an important part of our everyday lives. Companies use the network to conduct business, doctors to diagnose medical issues, etc. This course will provide a broad understanding of exactly how the network infrastructure supports distributed applications. Topics covered in the course include: Internet routing, software-defined networking, datacenters, content distribution networks, and peer-to-peer systems.

This is a research-oriented course focusing on current and classic papers from the research literature. Further, all students will work on an original research project, culminating in a project writeup and conference-style presentation. In the past, the very best of these course projects have resulted (with additional work) in publication in top conferences.

Prerequisites for the course include a general understanding of computer networks, distributed systems, and operating systems.

Course Staff

Teaching Assistant

NameEmailOfficeTelOffice Hours
Danny Huang EBU3b B260A N/A Wed 3:30-5:30pm (or by appointment)


Alex C. Snoeren EBU3b 3114 822-2289 Tue 1:00 - 2:00pm

Collaboration Policy

All paper reviews must be completed individually. All text that you submit must have been authored exclusively by you; any and all quotations of other's text (including the authors of the paper under review) must be cited appropriately. You may (and, in fact, are encouraged) to discuss the readings with others, but you may not copy reviews from the web or another student, nor make your reviews available to others prior to submission.

Projects will be group efforts. While you are welcome to incorporate code available elsewhere, any such inclusions should be appropriately declared both within your code and in your final report and presentations.

The exam will be individual effort and open book. You are expected to be aware of UCSD's academic honesty guidelines. Any violation of the course or institute policies will be treated very seriously, and could lead to severe repercussions, up to, and including, expulsion. Don't cheat. It's not worth it.

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