Aspect Browser: Tutorial

Aspect Browser is composed of two tools: Aspect Emacs and Nebulous. This tutorial mostly covers how to use Nebulous by itself. This tutorial also assumes that Aspect Browser was correctly installed.

How To Use Nebulous

  1. Starting Nebulous

  2. Creating a Project Session

  3. Adding an Aspect Pattern and Workspaces

  4. Hiding, Removing, Changing Colors, and Editing Aspect Patterns

  5. Viewing the Code Upclose

  6. Traversing Aspects

  7. Atlas Features

  8. Saving the Project Session

  9. Other Features

    The rest of the tutorial quickly covers the other miscellaneous features of the Aspect Browser.

How To Use Aspect Emacs

Aspect Emacs is an optional part of Aspect Browser. It is an Emacs LISP extension that provides text viewing and text editing with Nebulous. It also highlight the specific words that match the aspect patterns. Here is a little tutorial how to use Aspect Emacs with Nebulous.

  1. Starting Aspect Emacs

Last modified: April 1, 2002