Aspect Browser: Aspect Emacs and Nebulous


  1. Installation Directory and Unpackaging the Files
    The packaged must be unzipped and untarred in the directory you want to install the program in. The absolute path you have uncompressed the Aspect Browser package in will be referred as the "[PATH]".

  2. Installation of Aspect Emacs (optional)
    If you want to use the Emacs features of Aspect Browser, you will have to follow the instructions in this step. Otherwise you can skip to the next instruction below.

    Note: We refer to your .emacs file as your Emacs Startup File. In Windows, the .emacs file maybe names as _emacs.
    1. If you do not have a .emacs file, in the top directory of the package you have recently uncompressed has a sample emacs files called "sample.emacs". Rename that file to ".emacs" and place it in your home directory. Refer to Emacs documentation for more details about the .emacs file.
    2. Assuming that you have a .emacs file right now, edit the .emacs file by adding or modifying the following lines accordingly:

      (setq load-path(cons "[PATH]\AB-2.10\AE" load-path))
      (require 'ab-mode)

      Remember that [PATH] is the path where you installed the package.

  3. Installation of Nebulous
    The nebulous.jar and the gnu-regexp-1.1.4.jar files should be placed in a directory and the environment should be adjusted to use this directory.
    1. If you have not already done so, install Java.
    2. Adjust your classpath environment variable to use Nebulous:
      • For Unix:

        setenv CLASSPATH [[PATH]/nebulous.jar: [PATH]/gnu-regexp-1.1.4.jar:$CLASSPATH

      • For Windows:

        set CLASSPATH=[PATH]\nebulous.jar; [PATH]\gnu-regexp-1.1.4.jar;%CLASSPATH%

    Remember that [PATH] is the path where you installed the package.

    If you are using UNIX, use the source command or restart the the console to update the CLASSPATH environment. If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, load a new command console. If you are using Windows ME, 98, or 95 reboot the computer.

Last revised: March 20, 2002