me Timothy Y. Sohn
3150 EBU3b
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, San Diego
tsohn at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Place Lab is a radio beacon-based approach to location that can overcome the lack of ubiquity and high-cost found in existing location sensing approaches. Place Lab runs on Symbian series 60 mobile phones (e.g. Nokia 6600), notebook computers, and PDAs. Depending on the density of beacons available, Place Lab's accuracy ranges from ~10m to ~1km.

iCAP is a system that assists users in prototyping context-aware applications. iCAP supports sketching for creating sensors and actuators,then using these objects to design interaction rules, which can be prototyped in a simulated or real context-aware environment.

WebQuilt is a remote usability tool for web logging and visualizing clickstream data. A proxy is used to capture user's interaction through a website, then providing an interactive visualization to aggregate and analyze the data.

DCCP is a transport protocol that provides a congestion-controlled flow of unreliable datagrams. This is especially useful for delay-sensitive applications such as streaming media and telephony. These applications have traditionally implemented their own congestion control on top of UDP, or no congestion control at all. DCCP alleviates this problem by making it easy to deploy application using built in adaptive congestion control mechanisms.