Work on the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol

Timothy Sohn, Eiman Zolfaghari, Alkis Evlogimenos, Khian Hao Lim, Kevin Lai
University of California, Berkeley


This website contains references to work we have done on a newly proposed Internet transport protocol, the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP, formerly DCP), which is motivated by a real-time application's need for a way to send and receive an unreliable stream of data, yet still have a congestion control mechanism that allows it to compete fairly with other flows in the network. Most of our work has focused on the implementation of DCCP.


Version 0.0.1 of the user level library: dcp.tar.gz
A utility library that the DCP library depends on: libkl-1.3.8.tar.gz


Timothy Sohn, Eiman Zolfaghari, 2002. Experimentations in Datagram Control Protocol [pdf ]
Alkis, Evlogimenos, Khian Hao Lim, 2002. On the Implementation of Datagram Congestion Control Protocol [ps]


The following are Power Point presentations for Computer Science 268: Computer Networks, a graduate course that Timothy Sohn and Eiman Zolfaghari were a part of.

Timothy Sohn, Eiman Zolfaghari, May 2002. Poster Slides [ppt]
Timothy Sohn, Eiman Zolfaghari, March 2002. Progress Report [ppt]

Other Work

Eiman Zolfaghari did some elementary presentations and papers related to DCCP for his Technical Communications course at UC Berkeley. (E190).

Oral Presentation #2: The Datagram Control Protocol [ppt]
Oral Presentation #3: The Importance of Being TCP-Friendly [ppt]
Final Report: A Solution to Current Internet Transport Protocol Problems: DCP [ps]


DCCP was originally proposed by Eddie Kohler, Mark Handley, Sally Floyd, Jitendra Padhye.

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