If you don't have the Zoom link, please request it.

You are encouraged to participate avidly, at any time. We will need some mechanism to order speakers. One possibility is Zoom's raise-hand feature. We can certainly use that, but it is limited. I cannot guarantee monitoring it continuously, or even seeing all hands, since I have to scroll manually down the list to do the latter. Also, it does not maintain ordering, meaning say in what order hands went up. I'd suggest that whenever you raise your hand, you try to get a sense of who is ahead of you, so that we have some communal sense of order. You are also welcome to speak without raising your hand, especially if you see no hands raised.

I encourage people to leave their videos on. In that case, perhaps you can even physically raise a hand. Do however mute your microphone when it is not in use, since otherwise one can get disturbing echoes.

There may be some chaos from time to time, but that can be a good thing.

If you want to share your screen, let me know, and I should be able to give you permission on Zoom to do this.

The personal Docs described in the requirements segment serve as a way to communicate with me, but it would be nice to also have a class communication mechanism. Suggestions? I considered Piazza, but I understand it sells student data. Keybase? Slack? Google group? Email group?

The class may be recorded. This is to some extent a UCSD requirement with online classes, to accommodate participants in alternative time zones. If at any time you prefer to not be recorded, say so, and I will turn it off. In any case, the recording will be available only to class participants, this including both ones who are registered and ones who are auditing. It will not be available beyond that.