Matt Der

Computer Science & Engineering
University of California, San Diego
Office: EBU3b 3242
Email: mfder (at) cs ucsd edu

me in 2k15 ready for the first soccer game of my life!

About Me

I graduated! I am becoming CTO for Notch, a software consulting firm based in Richmond, VA. Find us at:

On September 14, 2015, I successfully defended my thesis! Here are slides.

As a PhD student, I was involved in the AI, Systems & Networking, and Security groups. My advisors are Lawrence Saul, Geoff Voelker, and Stefan Savage. My research focused on machine learning and applications to security --- in particular, Web page clustering and classification.

In Summer Session II of 2014, I taught CSE 150.

In June 2014, I proposed my thesis and became a candidate (CPhil).

In March 2013, I received an MS in computer science.

In the summers of 2011 and 2012, I interned at Google at the San Francisco office. I worked in Internal Privacy under Ian Roxborough.

In May 2010 I graduated with a BS in computer science and mathematics from the University of Richmond, where I had the fine opportunity of working with Jim Davis and Barry Lawson, the former a top-drawer squash and bridge player, the latter a wizard on the mandolin. In Spring 2009 I studied abroad at Macquarie University and had the time of my life in Sydney, Australia (+ New Zealand + Fiji).


T. Halvorson, M. F. Der, I. Foster, S. Savage, L. K. Saul, G. M. Voelker. From .academy to .zone: An Analysis of the New TLD Land Rush. IMC 2015, Tokyo, Japan.
[ paper ]

D. Wang, M. F. Der, M. Karami, L. K. Saul, D. McCoy, S. Savage, G. M. Voelker. Search + Seizure: The Effectiveness of Interventions on SEO Campaigns. IMC 2014, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
[ paper ]

M. F. Der, L. K. Saul, S. Savage, G. M. Voelker. Knock It Off: Profiling the Online Storefronts of Counterfeit Merchandise. KDD 2014, New York City.
[ project | paper | poster ]

D. Kim, M. F. Der, L. K. Saul. A Gaussian Latent Variable Model for Large Margin Classification of Labeled and Unlabeled Data. AISTATS 2014, Reykjavik, Iceland.
[ project | paper | supplement | poster ]

M. F. Der, L. K. Saul. Latent Coincidence Analysis: A Hidden Variable Model for Distance Metric Learning. NIPS 2012, Lake Tahoe, NV.
[ paper | poster ]

C. Bodea, C. Copos, M. Der, D. O'Neal, J. A. Davis. Shared Autocorrelation Property of Sequences. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol. 57, No. 6, 3805-3809, June 2011.
[ paper ]


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