Personalized Machine Learning

Julian McAuley, UCSD


This page contains collects information and supplementary material for my textbook Personalized Machine Learning:

Personalized Machine Learning
Julian McAuley
Cambridge University Press

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Draft Copy

The book is currently available in draft form as a downloadable pdf.


Every day we interact with machine learning systems that personalize their predictions to individual users, whether to recommend movies, find new friends or dating partners, or organize our news feeds. Such systems involve several modalities of data, ranging from sequences of clicks or purchases, to rich modalities involving text, images, or social interactions.

While settings and data modalities vary significantly, in this book we introduce a common set of principles and methods that underpin the design of personalized predictive models.

The book begins by revising "traditional" machine learning models, with a special focus on how they should be adapted to settings involving user data. Later, we'll develop techniques based on more advanced principles such as matrix factorization, deep learning, and generative modeling. Finally, we conclude with a detailed study of the consequences and risks of deploying personalized predictive systems.

By understanding the principles behind personalized machine learning, readers will gain the ability to design models and systems for a wide range of applications involving user data. A series of case-studies will help readers understand the importance of personalization in domains ranging from e-commerce to personalized health, and hands-on projects and code examples (and an online supplement) will give readers experience working with large-scale real-world datasets.

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