SU Lab @ UC San Diego

"知之者不如好之者,好之者不如乐之者." --论语·雍也
"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence." -- Albert Einstein


Hao Su
Assistant Professor


Shabnam Monfared
Lab / Program Manager

  Ph.D. Students

Zhan Ling
Ph.D. of 2019
Minghua Liu
Ph.D. of 2019
Tongzhou Mu
Ph.D. of 2019
Xiaoshuai Zhang
Ph.D. of 2019
Jiayuan Gu
Ph.D. of 2018
Zhiao Huang
Ph.D. of 2018
Zhiwei Jia
Ph.D. of 2018

Ronald Yu
Ph.D. of 2018
Shuang Liu
Ph.D. of 2016

Meng Song
Ph.D. of 2016

  Jointly Advised Ph.D. Students

Shilin Zhu
Ph.D. of 2017
w/ Prof. Xinyu Zhang
Quan Vuong
Ph.D. of 2018
w/ Prof. Henrik Christensen
An Zheng
Ph.D. of 2018
w/ Prof. Melissa Gymrek
Rui Zhu
Ph.D. of 2018
w/ Prof. Manmohan Chandraker
Illia Ziamtsov
Ph.D. of 2015
w/ Prof. Saket Navlakha

  Visiting Ph.D. Students

Hu Cheng
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Siyu Hu
University of Science and Technology, China
Yiran Wu
Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

  Master Students

Yueh-Hua Wu
National Taiwan University
Shuo Cheng
Master of 2018

Youyi Jau
Master of 2018

Tiange Luo
Peking University
Fangchen Liu
Master of 2018

Yuzhe Qin
Master of 2018
Hao Tang
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Fanbo Xiang
Master of 2018

  Staff Researchers

  Undergraduate Students

Runze Liang (Visitor, Tsinghua), Yihuan Mao (Visitor, Tsinghua), Yikuan Xia, Jiarui Xu (Visitor, HKUST), Chutong Yang, Chufan Wu (Visitor, Tsinghua)

  Alumni & Past Visiting Students

Rui Chen (Ph.D., Tsinghua)
Songfang Han (Ph.D., HKUST)
Maximilian Jartiz (Ph.D. INRIA)
Zhan Ling (UG, THU), to be a Ph.D. in UCSD
Xingchao Liu (UG, BUAA), to be a Ph.D. in UT Austin
Bo Sun (UG, PKU), to be a Ph.D. in UT Austin
Linfeng Zhao (UG, NEU, China), to be a Ph.D. in NEU, U.S.
Yinghao Xu (UG, ZJU), to be a Ph.D. in CUHK
Yiran Wu (UG, SJTU), to be a Ph.D. in SJTU
Kan Wu (UG, PKU), now at Face++
Boyin Zhang (MS, UIUC), now at
Lixin Xue (UG, BUAA)
Nian-hsuan Tsai (UG, THU, Taiwan)
Weitong Zhang (UG, THU)

  Lab Album

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