Daniel J. Turner  Daniel J. Turner

  Graduate Student Researcher
  Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  University of California, San Diego


Fall 11
CSE 599 Teaching Methods in Computer Science Simon
Winter 09
CSE 227 Computer Security Shacham
CSE 232 Principles of Data Base Systems Papakonstantinou
Fall 08
CSE 237A Intro to Embedded Computing Rosing
CSE 250A Artificial Intelligence I Saul
Spring 08
CSE 202 Algorithms and Analysis Impagliazzo
CSE 222A Computer Communication Networks Vahdat
Winter 08
CSE 223B Distributed Computing and Systems Snoeren
CSE 240A Principles of Computer Architecture Tullsen
Fall 07
CSE 200 Computability & Complexity Micciancio
CSE 221 Operating Systems Snoeren