Teaching schedule

Fall 2018         CSE 254         Seminar: neurally-inspired unsupervised learning
Winter 2019         CSE 151         Machine learning
Winter 2019         CSE 250B         Machine learning
Spring 2019         CSE 254         Seminar: deep unsupervised learning

Webpages of some courses from previous years:

CSE 101 Algorithms
CSE 103 Probability and statistics
CSE 151 Machine learning
CSE 250B Machine learning
CSE 254 Seminar: inference in graphical models
CSE 254 Seminar: embeddings
CSE 254 Seminar: deep learning
CSE 291 Probabilistic AI
CSE 291 Learning theory I (supervised learning)
CSE 291 Topics in unsupervised learning
CSE 291 Bayesian methods
CSE 291 Geometric algorithms
CSE 291 Topics in learning theory
CSE 291 Distances, similarities, and embeddings