I'm Antonella, a robotics engineer, deep-sea ROV pilot, computer scientist, and National Geographic Explorer. When I'm not working in the lab or in the field, I enjoy a variety of outdoor adventure sports (the gnarlier the better) and photography. This journal is where I log my adventures, travels, and ridiculous projects.

Lately I've been enjoying canyoning, caving, kayaking, cooking, and pretty much any other activity whose name starts with a velar plosive consonant. I've also been trying (and mostly failing) to learn whitewater kayaking. I would like to learn to sail, surf, and spearfish so that I can eventually enact my dream of becoming a fearsome pirate. In the meantime I've had to content myself with land-pirating as the captain and hopelessly newbie mechanic of a VW bus with ever-questionable brakes.

VW Bus brake failure adventure

"bus" is just "sub" spelled backwards. I haven't yet figured out how I plan to act on this revelation but I guarantee it will be time-consuming and expensive.

I'm originally from Los Angeles, California, and currently live in Sydney, Australia. I aspire to be a semi-nomadic hobo, but really I just spend a lot of time in a research lab and sometimes get to do fieldwork in cool places. I usually only write about the cool stuff.

Unless otherwise credited, all photos and videos appearing here are my own work.

"There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars." -Kerouac


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