Programming Assignment (PA) Schedule

Documents and Dates

  • PA2: Feature Engineering and Model Selection with Spark

Instructions and Caveats

  • Team composition:

    • You can work on the PAs in teams of 2 or individually (teams of 1). All remaining students will be randomly paired up by the TAs.

    • Your teams must be the same for PA0 and PA1. You are welcome to change this for PA2.

    • Please submit you PA2 team decision on this Google Form before 11:59pm PT Tue, Feb 22. The TAs will then confirm your team memberships and team IDs.

  • Discussions outside your team:

    • It is okay to discuss about the assignment with your peers at a conceptual level. It is also okay to post conceptual or high-level questions, logistical questions, and useful references on Canvas Discussions. But do not share any code across teams and do not post any of your solution code for discussion. A team's code submission must be entirely their own.

    • Please review UCSD's honor code and policies and procedures on academic integrity here.

    • Do not go searching for any code posted online by other students or prior editions. We will use advanced program analysis tools to compare your code submissions. These go well beyond basic string or syntactic comparisons to catch plagiarism.

    • If plagiarism is detected in your code or if any other form of academic integrity violation is identified, you will get zero for that component of your score and get downgraded substantially. I will also notify the University authorities for appropriate disciplinary action to be taken, up to and including expulsion from the University.

  • There are no late days for the programming assignments. So, plan your work accordingly!