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Welcome to the CSE 80 class web page for the winter quarter of '97. Readings, homework handouts, answers to clarification questions, and other course administrivia will be available here. I will try to give no paper handouts. These Web pages will be archived (or you can dump them into a floppy) at the end of the quarter.

My office hours are Tue/Thu 2pm-3pm, in my office, AP&M 5141. Matt's office hours are Mon 4pm-5pm and Wed 1pm-2pm, in AP&M 3349A.

Be sure to check this page periodically. If you have a machine where you are logged on continuously, remember to reload this page to prevent your browser from displaying old information saved in its cache. I will try to get summary notes for lectures on-line within a couple of days of class. I will also update these pages with clarifications as I receive questions.


The introductory handout contains information about office hours, grading, etc. Any changes to that information will be noted here in these Web pages. The first typo is that my office is at AP&M 5141, not 5414. Grading is P/NP, but I'll be using points as weighted in the handout to determine the P/NP cutoff.

Those Web pages still being worked on are marked with . If I modify an existing web page (not labled with ) to clarify some point, I will mark it with .

Lecture Summaries

Lecture summaries are on-line:
  • Lecture 1: Jan 7
  • Lecture 2: Jan 9
  • Lecture 3: Jan 14 Assignment 1
  • Lecture 4: Jan 16
  • Lecture 5: Jan 21 Assignment 2
  • Lecture 6: Jan 23
  • Lecture 7: Jan 28
  • Lecture 8: Jan 30 Assignment 3
  • Lecture 9: Feb 4
  • Lecture 10: Feb 6
  • Lecture 11: Feb 11 Assignment 4
  • Lecture 12: Feb 13
  • Lecture 13: Feb 18
  • Lecture 14: Feb 20 Assignment 5
  • Lecture 15: Feb 25
  • Lecture 16: Feb 27 Assignment 6
  • Lecture 17: Mar 4
  • Policy change: Homework will always be due one week from the day it was assigned, at midnight, unless otherwise specified in class and/or here. Thus, assignment 3 will be due midnight Tuesday, Feb 6. If there are common questions, hints may be given out that day in class. Late assignments will be given a grade of g * 0.9n, where g is the ``natural'' grade (grade that it would receive if the assignment is not late), and n is the number of days late. The maximum value of n is constrained only by when I give out a sample solution.

    The sample solution to assignment 1 is available, as is the sample solution to assignment 2.

    When you read the lecture notes, don't be shy about trying out the stuff being discussed. You can have the Web browser window side-by-side with a shell window and try things out as you read the notes. Better yet, hypothesize / deduce how things should work as you read these notes, and interactively verify them (experimental approach).

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