• This schedule and reading list are tentative and might change as the quarter progresses.

  • The review forms and deadlines for submitting them are listed alongside each paper; the deadline time is 2:59pm PT on the deadline date (just before the lecture).

  • If no review forms is provided for some papers, you need not submit reviews for the corresponding papers but they are recommended reading for that lecture.

Week Topic and Papers Slides, Videos; Review Forms, Deadlines
1 Introduction, ML Lifecycle Overview, and Basics Slides: PDF PPTX
Readings: SIGMOD tutorial 1, SIGMOD tutorial 2, Berkeley report

1-3 Topic 1: Classical ML Training at Scale Slides: PDF PPTX
For review: Parameter Server Review 1 Form; due Jan 18
For review: XGBoost Review 2 Form; due Jan 25
More readings: MADlib, MLlib, Mahout, GraphLab, AWS Sagemaker -

2 MLK Jr. Day Holiday on Mon, Jan 16 -

4-5 Topic 2: Deep Learning Systems Slides: PDF PPTX
For review: TensorFlow (Talk slides) Review 3 Form; due Feb 1
For review: TVM Review 4 Form; due Feb 8
More readings: Horovod, Distributed PyTorch, FSDP, Flash Attention -

5 Quiz 1 on Wed, Feb 8

5 Industry Guest Lecture by Sudip Roy (Cohere) on Thu, Feb 9 Video

6-7 Topic 3: Model Selection Systems Slides: PDF PPTX
For review: Cerebro Review 5 Form; due Feb 13
More readings: MSMS, Hyperband, ASHA, Vizier, Columbus, Nautilus -

6 Review Discussion 1 on Wed, Feb 15 Slides: PDF

6 Midterm Exam on Fri, Feb 17 -

7 President's Day Holiday on Mon, Feb 20 -

7 Industry Guest Lecture by Jonathan Frankle (MosaicML) on Wed, Feb 22 Video

8 Topic 4: Data-Centric Issues in ML/AI Slides: PDF PPTX
For review: Deequ Review 6 Form; due Mar 1
More readings: TFDV, SortingHat, Hamlet, Snorkel -

8 Industry Guest Lecture by Jonas Mueller (CleanLab) on Thu, Mar 2 Video

9 Topic 5: ML Platforms and Feature Stores Slides: PDF PPTX
For review: ML systems technical debt Review 7 Form; due Mar 6
For review: TensorFlow Extended Review 8 Form; due Mar 8
More readings: Rules of ML Eng., MLFlow, Feature Store Tutorial -

9 Quiz 2 on Fri, Mar 10

10 Topic 6: ML Deployment and MLOps Slides: PDF PPTX
For review: Clipper Review 9 Form; due Mar 13
More readings: Interviews, TF Serving, Hummingbird, Federated ML -

10 Review Discussion 2 on Fri, Mar 17 Slides: PDF

11 Final Exam on Wed, Mar 22 -