Students are expected to be very familiar with linear algebra and probability, and should be able to program in Python and use Jupyter notebooks. In particular, I expect the students to know:

  • Probability: Events, random variables (discrete and continuous), expectations, joint, conditional and marginal distributions, and independence.

  • Linear Algebra: Vector spaces, subspaces, matrix inversion, matrix multiplication, linear independence, rank, determinants, orthonormality, basis, inner products.

  • Calculus: Compute maxima and minima of common functions, and take derivatives and integrals (gradients and Hessians) for multivariate functions.

  • Programming: We fully expect student to know how to write programs in Python and use Jupyter notebooks. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide debugging help or programming support.

CSE 250-A is not a formal prerequisite, but taking it is a big plus!