Students are expected to be very familiar with linear algebra and probability, and should be able to program in some language. In particular, I expect the students to know: Probability: Events, random variables, expectations, joint, conditional and marginal distributions, and independence.

  • Linear Algebra: Vector spaces, subspaces, matrix inversion, matrix multiplication, linear independence, rank, determinants, orthonormality, basis, solving systems of linear equations.

  • Calculus: Compute maxima and minima of common functions, and take derivatives and intergrals.

  • Programming: We fully expect student to know how to write programs in some language. It can be a language of the student's choice, but no debugging help or programming support will be provided.

Homework 0 is a calibration homework which includes some (but not all) of the material that students are expected to know as a prerequisite.

CSE 150 is not a formal prerequisite, but taking it is a big plus!