Project Presentations

  • Each talk should be under 15 min, followed by a 3 min Q & A session.

  • Speakers are allowed to use slidedecks and/or the whiteboard.

  • All audience members will be asked to evaluate each presentation and the speakers.

Date Time Slot Speakers Title
03/12 11:00am–11:18am Jingwu Xu Identify ML feature type via weak supervision
03/12 11:20am–11:38am Jigya Yadav and Qingqing Yao Accelerating Spark MLlib classification with linear algebra rewrites
03/12 11:40am–11:58am Xin Li and Allen Ordookhanians Debugging and Visualizing CNNs with Incremental
and Approximate Inference for Occlusion based CNN Explanations
03/12 12:00pm–12:18pm Shulin Cao and Gehua Qin Benchmark Analysis for Content-based Image Retrieval
03/14 11:00am–11:18am Alkin Sen and Renu Singh Automatic Data Cleaning and Extraction with Machine Learning
03/14 11:20am–11:38am Xi Pu and He Qu Spark MLlib Optimization Over Normalized Data
03/14 11:40am–11:58am Lijing Kuang Analyzing the Impact of Key-Foreign Key Joins on
Classifiers with Quadratic Features
03/14 12:00pm–12:18pm Ujwal Bachiraju and Soumyarka Mondal Spoken Keyword Querying over Speech Corpora