CSE 259 (Winter 2019)
AI Lunch Seminar

Mondays 12-1, Building EBU3, Room 4140

Date Speaker(s) Title
1/7 Chaitanya Ryali

Jiayuan Gu

Meng Song

Sharad Vikram
Highlights of NeurIPS-18

Generalisation of structural knowledge in the hippocampal-entorhinal system

Unsupervised video object segmentation for deep reinforcement learning

Learning plannable representations with causal InfoGAN

Neural ordinary differential equations
1/14 Daniel Kane Computationally efficient and robust
high dimensional statistics
1/21 Martin Luther King I Have A Dream
1/28 Sharad Vikram The LORACs prior for
variational autoencoders:
letting the trees speak for the data
2/4 Shuai Tang Learning distributed representations
of sentences
2/11 Robert Keller
(Harvey Mudd)
Machine learning applied to
automated music improvisation
2/18 George Washington

Abraham Lincoln
Farewell Address

Gettysburg Address
2/25 Steve Mussman (Stanford)
Understanding the bias and data efficiency
of uncertainty sampling
3/4 Chaitanya Riyali Computational modeling of
face perception
3/11 Quan Vuong
Supervised policy update for deep reinforcement learning