CSE 91: Perspectives in Computer Science (Winter '12)

Meeting time and location:

Mondays at 4pm in EBU3B Room 1202.

Section ID:



Professor: Scott B. Baden

Office Number: EBU3B Room 3244

Office Phone: 858-534-8861

Office Hours:
     Mon. 3-4pm, Thu. 2-3:30pm


Teaching Assistant: Sreeparna Mukherjee

Tutor: Matthew Scheifer



Grading Policy

CSE 91 is graded P/NP. There is no Final Exam.

To pass the course, you are required to attend at least 7 of 8 lectures and complete several of the assignments. In particular, you will earn 1 point for each lecture you attend, and 1 point for each homework assignment you complete. You must earn 13 points to pass the course; thus, you need to complete either 5 or 6 of the 7 assignments, depending on how many lectures you attend. Blogging assigments will be graded according to this policy.

Attendance will be taken at each class meeting. If you have a clicker, bring it with you to class (Clickers are optional and we will also provide sign up sheets)

Attendance Policy

We will post all no-shows in attendance within 24 hours of lecture. You will have until the end of the week (Friday at 5pm) to resolve any error in tallying your attendance. After that point, the attendance record is unchangeable. Be careful not to miss more than 1 lecture, or you will have to repeat the class the next time it is offered.

Academic Integrity Policy

Plagiarism and other forms of cheating will not be tolerated. Anyone found plagiarizing another's work will receive a zero grade for the work in question and face other possible consequences. Similar principles apply to making work available to others. Falsifying class attendance for yourself or for others is also considered cheating. The following document expands on the principles and practice of Integrity of Scholarship: http://www.cse.ucsd.edu/~baden/Integrity.html.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with it. If you have any questions, see Professor Baden