CSE 223B Term Project

Project Checkpoint

Each group should submit a 1-2 page write up describing the progress you have made to date, and a detailed set of deliverables you plan to submit at the end of the term. In particular, you should be concrete about:

This is also a great point to notify us of any challenges you have enountered so far, any modifications in your originally proposed goals, or basically anything else you'd like to bring to our attention. As a reminder, you will be submitting an 8-10 page report at the end of the term in the same style as the research papers we've read in class describing your system, and any text you write for this checkpoint will be a great start toward that goal.

Project Ideas

I will post a list of project ideas on Piazza during the first portion of the term. By no means are you limited by these ideas; in fact, I encourage you to come up with some of your own. Even if you do choose to go with one of these, keep in mind they're only starting points. Each of the ideas on the list will require considerable flushing out and refining in order to turn it into a reasonable project proposal.

I realize each of you are in different stages of your graduate career, and are looking for different things out of a course project. While all of the ideas I provide likely could result in a suitable class project, they vary in their ambitiousness and scope. You do NOT need to conduct original research for the class project---implementing something real is just fine. Those of you with aspirations of possibly publishing your work might think about tackling something more open-ended, however.

Some of the projects require access to resources in my research group. Plese contact me if you're interesting in persuing one of them so I can make sure we have enough resources to go around. I also have credits for various Amazon Web Services (e.g., EC2, S3, Elastic MapReduce, CloudFront, DynamoDB, RDS) that I can provide for use in this course, so feel free to think big.

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