• This course schedule is subject to change through the quarter.

  • The textbook referred to here is the "cow book" mentioned on the home page.

  • Lecture slides will be uploaded here before each lecture meeting. The lectures will be recorded and posted to the Canvas Media Gallery afterward.

  • Joining the lecture slot call is not mandatory. But you must view the lecture recordings and review the lecture slides yourself afterward.

Week Topic Textbook Chapters, Additional References Slides
1 Introduction; Recap of Relational Algebra and SQL Ch 1, 4, 5.1-5.6 PPTX PDF
1-2 Data Storage; Buffer Management; File Organization Ch 8, except 8.5.4, Ch 9, except 9.2 PPTX PDF
2 Talk by the TA on Project 1 on TBD
3-4 Indexing (B+ Tree; Hash Index) Ch 10, Ch 11, sections 11.1-11.2 only PPTX PDF
4 Industry Guest Lecture on Tuesday, 4/20
by Andrew Lamb (Apache Arrow and InfluxDB)
4-5 External Sorting Ch 13 PPTX PDF
5 Talk by the TA on Project 2 on TBD
5 Review discussion on TBD
6 Midterm Exam on Tuesday, 5/4
6-7 Relational Operator Implementations; Query Processing Ch 12, sections 12.1-12.3, Ch 14 PPTX PDF
7-8 Query Optimization Ch 12, sections 12.4 - 12.6 PPTX PDF
9 Industry Guest Lecture on Thursday, 5/27
by Andy Pavlo (OtterTune and CMU)
10 Parallel DBMSs and Dataflow Systems Ch 22, till 22.5 PPTX PDF
10 Review session on Thursday, 6/3
11 Final Exam on Tuesday, 6/8
N/A Optional: Key-value stores, Graph DBMSs, ML systems Not in syllabus PPTX PDF
N/A Optional: Transaction Management Not in syllabus PPTX PDF