CSE 223b

Gradudate Distributed Computing and Systems

CSE 223B is a 4-unit graduate subject with lectures, paper discussions, a midterm, and technical report exercise, and a major term research project culminating in writing a research paper of your own. It will present abstractions and implementation techniques that facilitate the design of distributed systems–including both operating systems and sophisticated Internet servers–that can deal with the demands of real-world workloads. Topics will include efficient operating system primitives, high-performance network servers, load shedding, storage systems, security, and fault tolerance.

The day-to-day activity in this course will consist of close readings of papers from the research literature.

Pre-requisites: CSE 221 and/or CSE 222a. Note that undergraduate level operating systems courses (such as CSE 120) do not fulfill the prerequisite requirement, which will be strictly enforced.