• This course schedule is subject to change through the quarter.

  • The textbook referred to here is the "cow book" mentioned on the home page.

  • Lecture slides will be uploaded here before (sometimes, after) each class. The slides are designed to act as an aid for my in-class lectures, not a replacement. The slides will not be sufficient on their own. Some details and other additional material might be given only in class. Furthermore, the lectures themselves might often deviate significantly from the textbook in the order, presentation, and actual content. Thus, attending all lectures is mandatory.

Week Topic Textbook Chapters, Additional References Slides
1 Introduction; Recap of Relational Algebra and SQL Ch 1, 4, 5.1-5.6 PDF
1-2 Data Storage; Buffer Management; File Organization Ch 8, except 8.5.4, Ch 9, except 9.2 PDF
2 Talk by the TA on Project 1 on 04/09 PPTX
3-4 Indexing (B+ Tree; Hash Index) Ch 10, Ch 11, sections 11.1-11.2 only PDF
4 Sorting Ch 13 PDF
5 Midterm Exam on 04/30; Sample exam: questions only and with answers
5 Talk by the TA on Project 2 on 05/02; no class on 05/04 PPTX
6-7 Relational Operator Implementations; Query Processing Ch 12, sections 12.1-12.3, Ch 14 PDF
7-8 Query Optimization Ch 12, sections 12.4 - 12.6 PDF
8 Optional: Transaction Management; Concurrency Control Ch 16, up to 16.6.1; Not in syllabus PDF
9 Parallel DBMSs; "Big Data" Systems (MapReduce/Hadoop, Spark) Ch 22, till 22.5; more references in slides PDF
10 Optional: More "Big Data" Systems (NoSQL, Graphs, Machine Learning) Not in syllabus PDF
10 Recap; last lecture on 06/08
11 Final Exam on 06/15